Email Votes + Captcha + IP for polls/contests/charts/etc!

From: 15.00$ From: 14.25$

Email Votes Summer Sale Promo : up to 25% discounts.

  • Email Votes : each email confirmation will come from an unique IP.
  • Votes with  Google Captcha, Recaptcha v1, v2 & other captchas
  • Drip-Feeding Email + IP + Captcha Votes;
  • Customize your email confirmation voting experience;
  • Each email vote will have to solve captcha in order to get validated.

Available Options:


Email Votes + IP + Captcha Votes on Summer Sale Promo : UP to 25% discounts :

Unique Email + IP + Captcha Votes and UP Votes:

  • Email votes confirmation will be done from an unique IP. We have an unlimited pool of IPs.
  • We can Drip-Feed Email Votes on bigger orders.
  • Randomization can be added.
  • Each vote will have to solve captcha in order to get validated.
  • Email confirmation will be needed on each vote.
Our email confirmation votes can help you in wining & ranking up on:
  • Online contests;
  • Polls;
  • Web Forms;
  • Charts;
  • Rankings;
  • Game Servers Rankings;
  • and others;

If you need :

  • Unique IP Votes You can get them HERE
  • Unique IP + Captcha + Email Confirmation You can get them HERE
  • For Custom Voting Requests please contact us via Email, Livechat or Skype



Additional information

Unique IP

100 Votes, 200 Votes, 300 Votes, 400 Votes, 500 Votes, 1000 Votes, 2000 Votes, 3000 Votes, 4000 Votes, 5000 Votes, 10000 Votes


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