Buy IP Votes: A Guide on The Benefits and the Risks
Joining an online contest is fun. It’s easy and fast. The competition becomes more interesting if you’re winning. You get the prize and fame. However, an online contest can have a bit of a competition. If the award involves a large sum of money, online competition becomes steep and hard. Often, these online contests require votes to win.
There are several ways to win votes. One, the old fashion way still works but might not be enough. Second, you can buy IP votes to inflate your voting stats. But, before discussing, let’s talk first a few elements of online voting contests.

Brief Overview
There are a lot of online contests out there. These contests may range from popularity contest (involves voting) to top spender contest. No matter what kind of contests you’re joining, you would want to win. Although joining may or may not require a registration fee, you’d still want to get that prize. Prizes may range from giveaways to money.
Let’s focus on online contests that require voting from other people. Some voting contests are region or country specific. If you join these contests, you’ll need different votes from different IP addresses within your region or country. Although you can create separate accounts with the same IP address, your votes may get disqualified.
So, what do you do next? We will discuss two different ways to win online contests. Later on, we’ll focus on how to win by buying IP votes
Some online voting contests have stringent requirements. So, you have to be careful. Contest organizers, nowadays, have a way of detecting if multiple votes come from the same IP address.

Old Fashion Way to Win Online Contests
As mentioned in our introduction, you can win an online contest in two ways. One, you can use the old fashion way of winning. You call the attention of all your friends, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances to vote for you. You can also create a fan page where you can convince people who don’t know you to vote. However, this method might not be enough.
One, people want something in return for their votes. Nothing is free. Even those people closest to you may also ask something in return, if not outright, maybe on some other means. If you want to win through this method, you’ll be spending a lot of money. We know how costly that could be. You don’t even know if they’re going to vote for you or not.

Buy IP Votes: The New and Sure Way to Win
Let’s discuss another way. This method is not a secret. Many people who are joining an online voting contest use this method. The difference is that people don’t broadcast their strategies to other people. That’ll make the competition a lot steeper than before.
However, we want you to win so we’re telling you the secret. Buy unique IP votes, and you’ll have a better chance of winning the contest than doing the old fashion way. Is this illegal? Of course, it is. You’re dealing with professional people who want contestants to have the winning chance. So, the next questions are how to get IP votes and where to get them?

How to Get Unique IP Votes
You can only get and buy unique IP votes online. There are a thousand sites that offer IP votes. Each site wants you to win that coveted prize. However, you have to be selected in choosing the site offering IP votes. We’ll give you tips in the last part of our guide. First, we’ll tell you the benefits and risk of buying IP votes. We want you to make an informed decision, so read on.

The Benefits
Cost Effective
Buying IP votes is more cost effective compared to the old fashion way in terms of money matters and effort. With a few hundred dollars, you can get unique IP votes. You can also get discounts depending on the actual promo rates of the service provider.
Greater chance of winning
With IP votes, you have a higher chance of winning the contest. You can win the competition and get the prize if none of your contenders aren’t aggressive enough to resort to buying IP votes.
Different IP addresses
Since many online voting contests disqualify votes from the same IP address, IP votes eliminate this problem. Service providers who sell IP votes deliver your votes using different IP addresses. Separate IP addresses count to the final tally.

The Risks
Risks are inevitable when you’re buying IP votes to win a voting contest. IP votes are safe, but it doesn’t mean it’s entirely valid. Of course, if we are going to choose the most honest way of contending, we wouldn’t want you inflating your votes with buying them. However, in this fierce competition with a lucrative prize at stake, many people would want to win.
The number one risk of buying IP votes is the danger of getting caught. If contest organizers find out that you buy IP votes, it’s game over for you. You’ll get disqualification.
Another risk is the chance of losing and wasting valuable money. What? Yes, we know that getting IP votes gives you a higher opportunity to win. However, we don’t guarantee that your contenders aren’t doing the same thing. What we guarantee is a fighting chance.
Now that we have tackled the mundane aspects of buying IP votes let’s go to the exciting part.

Where to Buy Unique IP Votes?
It’s quite easy to find vote sellers on the internet. You type in the keyword buy IP votes and voila! You have more than a thousand results. These sites offer the same service as we do. However, we think we have the best service when it comes to unique IP votes.
So, why buy from us?
First, we give significant discount rates to bulk buyers. With up to 25% discount, we can deliver around 10,000 votes.
Second, we provide a refund depending on the situation. If you have bought a thousand votes and we haven’t delivered all the votes, we can refund the remaining undelivered votes.
Third, we drip-feed your vote. We deliver your votes appropriately so that event organizers won’t place a red flag on your account. Of course, we wouldn’t want you losing the contest. So, we deliver the votes on intervals and make sure the voting looks organic to the contest organizers.
Fourth, we offer the best voting services. Some organizers require a captcha to determine the validity of the voting account and to make sure they’re not dealing with robots. Aside from a unique IP address, a captcha can be a part of an IP vote package ( we can do such votes as well). We also offer email confirmation votes, which are the most challenging requirement in voting contests.
Fifth, we have customized voting requests. If the contest requires a particular voting specification, give us a message, and we’ll talk about it.

Tips in Choosing the Right Voting Seller
First, inspect the price and the number of votes. Is the price too good to be true? For example, the service provider said they’ll be giving you a thousand votes with a 5-dollar price. Of course, this price isn’t right. The price is too low for the number of votes. So, look around for the average market price
Second, look at the hours of delivery. The first thing you don’t want is detection. A new contender won’t yield five thousand votes in a day. This activity will pose as a red flag to the event organizers. So, see to it that the seller has the right time interval of feeding the votes to your contender account.

Before you buy IP votes, make sure you know the risks you’re facing. Although buying IP votes are safe and provides benefits, it doesn’t mean that all voting providers are honest and legit. You have to exercise precautions. Make sure that you’re investing your money with the right service provider.

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